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Leading through change

How can you navigate uncertainty with confidence? Which insights and trends must you pay attention to? How can you bring your organisation with you?

Executive Coaching

As an in-company or agency-side Learning and Development Leader, making meaningful change in your organisation or for your clients requires a parallel process of changing yourself. How can you master the organisational narrative –  and the narrative in your own life?

Clients report gains in confidence, clarity and career-enhancing decision making. Viv gives you focused time in the ‘solution space’ by guiding you through the Three Stories Model and paying attention to what spontaneously emerges in the moment. By freeing yourself from distractions and procrastination, you can gain clarity on your most effective options and weave them into stories that will win hearts and minds.

The Three Stories Model of Coaching

Viv is an established thought leader in the learning space, with skills and experience wide-ranging across industries and sectors. He draws from knowledge gained from being a Director of a digital marketing agency, training manager at Deloitte and running his own consultancy for more than 15 years. His other work hats include being a Learning Technologies Awards judge, Non-Executive Director, Director of the eLearning Network, Chair of the Trainers & Developers Network. Also he has made time for fatherhood, being a school governor and breaking into the UK top 200 at chess.   

If you had access to an extra brain, why wouldn’t you use it?

I increased my self-awareness, generated new perspectives on problems I’d been facing for a long time, and made progress with regards to my personal and professional goals. In addition to Viv’s coaching expertise, he has considerable experience in various corporate environments, which meant the insights and perspectives he shared with me were considered, pragmatic, and well-rounded. He’s someone with a calm, patient, reflective, and thoughtful demeanour who gives you the space and time to talk (and feel listened to), process, and reflect. I enjoyed working with Viv immensely!

L&D leader, media group

Viv is an Accredited Associate Executive Coach (Association of Executive Coaching). He abides by the EMCC Global Code of Ethics.

Rather than a fixed package of 4-6 sessions, there is no minimum term of engagement and no tie-in – we agree and flex coaching according to your needs.

Contact Viv to set up your own free initial consultation.

Our Guiding Principles

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