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Here is a sample of Viv's clients who have kindly shared their stories.

U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre

U4 is a provider of high-quality research, information, and learning opportunities to help development practitioners more effectively support anti-corruption efforts in the developing world.

Existing training courses were either via distance learning supplemented with virtual classroom sessions and video clips, or in-country face to face workshops. U4’s vision for blended learning aims to increase the organisation’s reach and impact by offering its customers a wider range of learning.

Project objectives

To increase the capability of face to face trainers to utilise a wider range of online learning strategies as part of a more effective and interactive blend of learning. To be able to start creating ‘bricks’ on online learning deployable as parts of different learning pathways.

Some of the main challenges faced by U4 were:

  • Building consensus and momentum to develop blended learning solutions amongst face to face trainers who were most comfortable with traditional/ academic approaches to learning.
  • This was U4’s first e-learning project so it was essential to be well prepared and select the correct e-learning supplier.
  • Building in-house knowledge and experience so that U4 would be able to manage e-learning suppliers more effectively.

How challenges were overcome

  • Skype sessions with key stakeholders ahead of a face to face workshop. The workshop had a strong preparation phase, was highly practical, was full of recommendations that reduced individuals’ research time and gave a clear road map to follow.
  • Viv helped develop the requirements document, including selection criteria and recommended a short list of suppliers to approach which U4 supplemented from its own contacts.
  • Viv was available to review key project documents and deliverables as they progressed and provide advice as requested.


Workshop participants felt energised and more confident about blended learning. U4 has successfully commissioned its first e-learning module. This has received highly positive feedback from the government agencies which fund U4.

My team and I have collaborated closely with Viv throughout our online training overhaul process. The response time was incredibly swift and the advice received was spot on. Now we’re undergoing a complete revamping of the online course portfolio, the foundations of which have been placed with the crucial assistance from Viv.

Boris Divjak, Director

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