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CCH e-CPD instructional design

wolters-kluwer-logo-testWolters Kluwer is a market-leading global information services company. In the UK its CCH brand is well known amongst accountants.

CCH e-CPD is an e-learning subscription service that enables tax and accounting professionals to complete their continuing professional development at their own convenience. Subscribers receive over 100 modules per year covering technical updates in tax, accounting, audit and other related legal matters. Each e-CPD module consists of a 15-20 minute audio presentation by an expert speaker with accompanying background notes.

Project objectives

  • To ensure that e-CPD differentiates itself from other sources of technical information on the internet by being more relevant, practical, authoritative and memorable.
  • To meet a demanding monthly publishing schedule.

Some of the main challenges faced by CCH were:

  • Converting highly dry technical content into an easy to absorb format.
  • Maintaining a consistently high quality product across a diverse pool of speakers.
  • Speakers were typically experienced at face to face training delivery but not online learning which demands higher levels of comprehensibility.
  • Satisfying an audience which demands technical accuracy whilst maintaining a rapid production process.

How challenges were overcome

  • Viv provided coaching, feedback and training to help technical experts convert their expert knowledge into learning relevant to subscribers.
  • Viv briefed and coached speakers on how to use a templated format which enhanced consistency.
  • Viv coached speakers to hone their messages and bring their personalities into the modules.
  • As well as his input as a Chartered Accountant, Viv implemented a process using other qualified accountants to quality assure accuracy and comprehensibility.


Subscriber feedback has been positive about the format of these short but very technical modules and how they are delivered, giving subscribers a very flexible way of keeping abreast of the technical changes required. High customer satisfaction has seen the product go from strength to strength, subscriptions have grown year on year with high levels of renewal. The renewal rate has risen from the low 60s% to around 80% renewal. Viv has met all of his deadlines for over 1000 e-CPD modules.

Working with Viv these past seven years has been a pleasure he has really delivered for us in all aspects of his role. His input has been one of the key drivers of the product’s success. He is very flexible, delivers to tight deadlines, and brings a wealth of knowledge around instructional design, bringing dry technical content to life. He has worked directly with our pool of speakers, directing them, providing feedback and supporting them to deliver a quality product.

Viv also worked closely with the management of the CCH e-CPD product, providing advice and assistance on how to develop the product and being a mentor on all things e-learning. He has made a big impact driving through improvements in quality, acting as the quality assurance gateway. He has enhanced the look and feel of the product and has always gone that extra mile to ensure the product is delivered on time.

Viv comes highly recommended.

Andrew Lawson, Operations Manager – Wolters Kluwer

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