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Saberr blended learning strategy


Saberr is a dynamic start-up which uses psychological profiling and predictive analytics to help companies design and manage high performance teams.

As part of its growth strategy the Saberr team wished to design a coherent series of activities and resources to help teams work more effectively, a Digital Coaching Toolkit. This should be usable with or without external expert coaches depending on the level of input needed.

Project objectives

Viv was engaged to help Saberr define the learning blend for the Digital Coaching Toolkit and advise how this blend would be commercially sound. This took the format of initial discussions, a one day workshop and follow-up activities.

Some of the main challenges faced by Saberr were:

  • Building consensus over the format and elements of the learner journey for the minimum viable product (and beyond).
  • Whether to develop their own platform for hosting the content and social elements of the blend, or whether to buy this in.
  • Identifying how to target learner populations with the greatest potential uptake.

How challenges were overcome

  • Viv led the team in workshopping out the learner journey, its key elements and the methods of delivering learning within a coherent blend. He sketched out a template design that could be used for each teamworking sub-topic
  • Viv helped the team specify platform requirements, including SCORM/xAPI and social learning. From his extensive network, Viv recommended three suppliers to short-list for demos.
  • Viv used his experience of corporate learning, supplemented by recent market research to clarify the characteristics of the target learners and what would be realistic to ask them to commit to.


Workshop participants felt more confident and clear about what the Digital Coaching Toolkit would look like and how it would work. The minimum viable product is in development and learner feedback is eagerly anticipated.

Viv’s insights have really helped us consolidate our thinking, gain consensus and prevent us from going down blind alleys. His rapid understanding of our business and his questioning and listening helped us navigate some difficult decisions whilst maintaining a strong sense of the team buy-in. Viv was very generous with his insight and responsive to our culture. We look staying connected as the story evolves.

Tom Marsden, CEO

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