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Here is a sample of Viv's clients who have kindly shared their stories.

Tempdent e-learning design and development

Tempdent provides accredited courses for dental nurses. Its most popular NVQ is the Advanced Apprenticeship Diploma in Dental Nursing (AADN), a blended learning programme including webinars, face to face workshops and self-paced e-learning.

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Project objectives

For years Tempdent had provided the online version of AADN in partnership with a technology company. The partner pulled out of the agreement at short notice. Tempdent needed online learning fast! The next cohort of learners was already booked in for a course starting in weeks. This was also an opportunity to update, refresh and streamline the user experience.

Some of the main challenges faced by Tempdent were:

  • Course subject matter experts were new to designing online learning.
  • It was the first time that Tempdent had implemented a platform with social learning capability.
  • Deadline pressure.

How challenges were overcome

  • VCA provided templates and design review so that the course subject matter experts could produce effective scripts.
  • VCA provided practical support so that Tempdent always had a third opinion when needed to help get the best out of using the new platform.
  • VCA sourced recommended and trusted developer resource and ensured that there was effective but cost efficient project management.



Viv’s team produced over 28 hours of e-learning content in Storyline in a 9 month period, meeting all the needs of the AADN syllabus in a highly cost effective manner. The first cohort of learners achieved success rates over 20% higher and timely achievement rates over 30% higher than national averages.

Viv and his team were always highly responsive, approachable and hands on. They managed the creation and development of our fantastic and innovative new dental qualifications programme. I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone wanting to build or develop their e-learning materials. Thank you!

Lorraine Nadel, Managing Director

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